Local Primary and High Schools

NWI Active in Local Schools at All Age Levels

For 10 years, Naco Wellness Initiative has had strong relationships with three local, public, schools in Naco: Anita Cordova Kindergarten, Gabriel Villa Elementary School, and the CYCETE High School. A school principal is active on NWI’s Board of Directors. 

Pre-Covid, NWI installed Internet connections and computers in the elementary and high schools to help teachers and students connect with broader educational opportunities. 

In kindergarten and elementary schools, gardens are the starting point for many subject areas: mathematics, science, writing, and, of course, gardening, health, and nutrition. In September 2021, the staff at Gabriel Villa Elementary asked NWI to increase the size of its garden to 100×50 feet to further studies and supply produce for the cafeteria

NWI Promotoras visit the schools to lead classes, using curricula prepared by NWI partners from Arizona State University’s GlobalResolve in Barrett, The Honors College, and Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation programs. Two hundred pages of garden lesson plans, worksheets, handouts, and a printer are available to all Naco teachers. They will soon be supplemented by student activity books created with input from Naco teachers and Promotoras.

Learning With Purpose

At the high school level, ASU’s GlobalResolve Program has linked the San Jose Organic Community Garden’s weather station to the school’s computers so students can use the data in their studies. GlobalResolve students also developed a one-year Engineering by Design course with a 3D printer component to give Naco students technical and software skills useful in a variety of professions. GlobalResolve will provide the 3D printer and curriculum so Naco teachers can show their students how to use Tinkercad and print projects on the 3D printer.

Many high school students work with the Promotoras in the gardens and the clinics to fulfill their school’s community service requirement. NWI has increased the number of professions and job possibilities that students are exposed to, and hopes the interaction will encourage more students to complete high school. Currently, only 50 percent of Naco students do so.



The NWI clinics provide dozens of students with school supplies their parents can’t afford. Can you help?