Soil Health

Soil health is defined as the continued capacity of soil to function as a vital living ecosystem that sustains plants, animals, and humans. It is key to productive agriculture.

Soil works for you if you work for the soil by using management practices that improve soil health and increase productivity immediately and into the future. Managing for soil health (improved soil function) is mostly a matter of maintaining suitable habitat for the myriad creatures that comprise the Soil Food Web.The Soil Food Web is the community of organisms living all or part of their lives in the soil. It describes a complex living system in the soil and how it interacts with the environment, plants, and animals. Simply put, the soil is one big fast-food restaurant.

“We are working to make the entire 1.5-acre garden a good place for plants to eat, so we can maximize root growth underground and photosynthesis above ground, and grow the most nutrient-rich produce possible. For example, we want to grow all the protein we can into every head of lettuce and cabbage, every carrot and zucchini,”

NWI Executive Director Tom Carlson

NWI is committed to encouraging more Naco residents to begin gardening, and to sharing its garden development and wellness efforts with every interested person in Naco and surrounding Mexican communities. 

Garden Development

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