Treating Illness with Community

The doctors and nurses at Naco’s rural health clinic see many more patients than they are equipped to handle.  

To alleviate that crush, Naco Wellness Initiative Promotoras at the Barrio Nuevo and Colosio Casa Saludable (Health Home) Clinics are trained to spot signs of many chronic diseases. The service, treatments, and follow-up care is especially appreciated by residents who lack health insurance or live on limited budgets.

Among the special services offered are physical and mobility therapy for a wide range of conditions, limb care and massage for diabetics who have experienced amputations, and wound treatment and care. Over the years, the Promotoras have offered regular care to patients who are disabled or paralyzed. They have even delivered a baby

Clinic Treatment Services

  • NWI Promotoras receive regular training enabling them to offer:
  • First Aid and First Aid Instruction and Certification
  • Physical Therapy
  • Massage Therapy
  • Health Education
  • Paralysis Care
  • Foot Care Clinics
  • Wound/Amputation Care & Management
  • Women’s Health and Prenatal & Postpartum Care and Seminars
  • CPR Training and Certification
  • Health and Education Classes for Preschool and Elementary Children
  • Basic Pediatric Care, Inoculations, and Children’s Dental Workshops


To help Naco neighbors and friends, NWI has strong ties to medical professionals on both sides of the border. 

Each day, Promotoras work with the doctor and nurses at Centro de Salud Naco. They attend all Mexican community healthcare worker trainings the clinic staff attends and receive the same certifications. They help people with immediate needs get into the clinic faster. 

Centro de Salud Naco sends patients to NWI, too, for wellness classes, blood pressure and blood sugar levels checks, and routine inoculations. During the Pandemic, the NWI clinics administered COVID vaccinations.

“I didn’t know anything until I started working in the clinic,” said Promotora Irasema “Chari” Loreto, who has volunteered and worked for NWI for nine years. “We get wonderful training and certification from professionals in other cities. I love Tom and everyone at NWI for all they have helped me learn.”


Healing the Community

It takes a village to care for our neighbors. Can you be part of our community? We are always looking for medical volunteers or partners to keep the community of Naco healthy and safe. Contact us today to find out how you can help.