Gardening in an arid environment works best when “best practice” water conservation methods are used. Even when NWI’s Home Gardens program started 10 year ago, NWI offered all gardeners the best irrigation technology possible. NWI also teaches home gardeners to construct home rainwater capture systems to conserve this most precious resource.  

Three miles of on-the-ground drip tape waters the rows of the San Jose Organic Community Garden. It’s laid slightly below the top of each raised-bed row, so the water is immediately closer to plant roots and less likely to evaporate. 

A 3,000-gallon pumping station sends the water out into the 120 rows of crops. It’s fed by a 7,500-gallon underground cistern. 

NWI is careful with every drop. Many generous grant donors have helped fund, maintain, and update the irrigation system. In 2023, Naco Wellness is installing a rainwater capture system that will collect substantial amounts of rainwater annually to help NWI be the best possible steward of our neighbors’ water.

NWI is committed to encouraging more Naco residents to begin gardening, and to sharing its garden development and wellness efforts with every interested person in Naco and surrounding Mexican communities. 

Garden Development

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