Academic Partnerships

Lifelong Learning

Naco Wellness Initiative operates thanks to the generosity of volunteer partners who have provided the resources, energy, and expertise to create, maintain, and improve the Garden, Clinics, and Wellness Education Programs. That’s been true since a few health professionals and teachers and their ordinary-walk-of-life friends conceived the organization. 

Every time needs have arisen, new academic and medical partners with tools and resources have joined us to help develop the solutions. We are so grateful for their contributions.

NWI operates a grassroots, rural program that provides First World resources, sometimes as basic as proper dental hygiene, gardening, and disease prevention knowledge, to local residents to help them create community wellness solutions and healthier futures. We always welcome new partners to join us. In return, we offer a receptive organization and warm friends in Mexico to work with you to further our joint educational and healthcare goals.



The NWI clinics are a hands-on approach to learning and sharing knowledge. Are you a student or professor interested in collaborating with us? Contact us today!