Exercise Classes

Treating Illness with Community

Several of the Promotoras have trained in physical therapy since joining Naco Wellness Initiative and offered care in the past. With new professional guidance, they can offer aid to patients who have chronic pain and physical issues due to injuries, accidents, and stroke.

Zumba Classes

What’s the hottest thing, literally, at Naco Wellness Initiative Casa Saludable (Health Home) Clinics?  


A core group of Naco Clinics’ regular visitors come for adult Zumba classes five mornings a week. Some wear brightly colored exercise outfits adorned with bangles and ribbons and compete to move the most. They love being fit and being together. Sometimes, half the class is older than 45. For a change of scenery, they sometimes hold classes in San Jose Organic Community Garden.  

Attendance averages 17 people per day. Most members are women, but they are slowly bringing their men with them. In Naco, Zumba is life-changing.

“Zumba really helped me a lot. I’ve had rough times in my life,” said lifelong Naco resident Dora Martan. “Then someone invited me to Zumba. I felt they knew and understood me, and I loved it. It changed my life. It’s a beautiful therapy. It’s my therapy. It empowers people, and this is something marvelous. I feel empowered now. It’s helping many, many people improve their health and their lives.”The Zumba leader is Instructor Lucia Loquez, a Naco native who has had her own exercise business for several years. She receives a stipend for morning classes and donates her time for NWI’s weekly Senior Living Program.

“I love doing this for my community. Everyone is welcome, and we can slow things down for all ages to participate. I love my students. Zumba is like a happy hour for them. It helps them de-stress. I hope to add an evening class soon.”


If You Live Nearby

Naco Wellness strongly needs volunteer help in this area. Are you a physical therapist or assistant who might come once, occasionally, or regularly to run Promotora classes or help individuals?