Interactive Garden Learning

Education through Garden Growth

In two Naco schools, the NWI Promotoras teach students plant cultivation skills in gardens built right outside the schools. In interactive garden learning classes, they share nutrition, math, science, and writing lessons. Arizona State University Barrett Honors Program staff and students drafted and translated the curriculum. At San Jose Organic Community Garden, the Promotoras teach Naco residents of all ages planting and harvesting skills, plus the best composting and soil enrichment methods.

The experience has been life-changing for the Promotoras themselves, who all support families. “We were having financial difficulty, and this got us out of it,” said Alma Amaya, a mom of four who has volunteered and worked for NWI for four years. “And it’s given me the satisfaction of being able to help someone else. If I can help them a little bit, their whole life might be better, too.”

Come Learn with Us

Everyone is welcome to learn in our gardens. We welcome students of all ages and will share our knowledge and expertise with them. Are you planning a field trip for your class? Consider bringing them to our garden!

Interactive Garden Learning