Diabetes Prevention & Management

Managing Diabetes With Community

Diabetes and prediabetes affect 70 percent of all Naco residents. Diabetes management supplies, testing, and treatments common in the United States are usually unavailable. Vital glucose monitors are scarce.  

Type 2 diabetes is the second highest cause of death for men and women in Mexico, and the combined threat of diabetes and cardiovascular disease accounts for one-third of deaths among adults. Three of four Mexican adults with diabetes also have high blood pressure, and half suffer from hypertension. Diabetes complications such as severe vision loss, limb amputation, and kidney disease are widespread.

Naco Wellness Initiative presents regular 13-week Sustaining Personal Health Workshops just for families dealing with diabetes and prediabetes. 

The goal is to improve glycemic control, health literacy, diabetes distress, diabetes self-efficacy, and medication compliance. Sessions emphasize developing personal physical exercise and nutrition plans; preparation of healthy, available foods on a budget; and maintaining a healthy weight and emotional wellbeing.

Clinic Promotoras host follow-up support groups for all participants and family members. Any weekday, Naco residents can drop in at either clinic to receive glucose monitoring blood tests and encouragement.

“Our town suffers many problems. The NWI clinics take away some suffering. They are places we can be happy in, and they are making Naco better.” – Promotora Alma Amaya

Diabetes Prevention

Help Keep Diabetes Away

Diabetes is a complex problem, but you can be part of the solution. You help supply diabetic testing equipment, programs, and more by donating today.