Food Harvest & Distribution

Community Gardens Harvest for Health

Whenever San Jose Organic Community Garden harvests come in, NWI sends Facebook, telephone, radio, and other community messages across town, inviting the families to come to get what they need. Needs and health assessment records NWI staffers keep for all family members help determine distributions.

Senior citizens and others who visit the clinics regularly, or participate in Zumba and other classes, receive produce, too. Nothing goes to waste. 

NWI is now developing plans to expand food preservation efforts in one of the three garden buildings. The “Want List” for this effort includes an 800 cubic foot refrigerated storage unit and more supplies to teach home gardeners how to preserve more of their produce, too. 

I get a lot of joy out of harvest time, that so many people in need can come to the San Jose Garden and leave with bags full of vegetables, watermelon, and cantaloupe. They are thankful, and their faces are full of happiness.

-Roberto “Betin” Estrada Martinez

Feeding our Neighbors

As we expand our gardens, we open the doors for more people to eat healthy, locally grown foods. You can help us end hunger in Naco just by simply donating today.