Treating Illness with Community

Naco Wellness Initiative’s Casa Saludable (Health Home) Clinics are gathering spots for friendship, support, fresh food, and wellness information. Mondays through Fridays, anyone can stop in for free blood pressure and blood sugar readings, and treatment for many common medical ailments. 

If a medical emergency occurs after hours or on weekends, Naco residents know how to get in touch with a trusted, trained NWI Promotora. The Promotoras have a direct line to the local doctor.

The Promotoras receive regular training in triage, as well as diagnosing and treating common diseases and injuries. They can sterilize and wrap sores and wounds; change dressings; and hand out basic home medicines when needed. They offer tips and teach prevention, especially proper handwashing and personal hygiene, and they keep medical records for every patient.

Most families can’t afford to keep supplies of antibiotic cream, cold and flu medication, pain relievers, cough syrup, or big and small bandages. They come to the clinics when they need them.



The Promotoras provide limited doses of many over-the-counter medications, including painkillers, allergy treatments, and cold and flu remedies. NWI accepts donations of sealed packages of these nonprescription drugs, and money to purchase them. We also need 4×4 gauze pads, bandages in various sizes, and Walmart ReliOn Premier CLASSIC glucometers and test strips.